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We have been getting a lot of calls lately asking for our services during a very hard time in the market. This has caused some people to ask for outrageous things such as free services or major discounts. We kindly remind them that really good companies don’t give discounts in down times or good times but that they like to keep consistent pricing, quality and service in every situation. 

You have heard the saying ‘You get what you pay for’.  This holds very true in the building industry. Material only keeps going up and top labour never changes. What times like this do is weed out the “bad” contractors which protects you, the consumer. An upside in a slow economy is a more concentrated team working on your project. You will probably have a chance to start sooner and the project may go quicker.  This is only due to less work on the market but it doesn’t mean that the service and end result should take a hit. 

Please remember that when you’re paying for a service or a product even in a down market you never want to ask if you can get something cheaper without understanding what the consequences could possibly be. The key is to share what your budget is and work with the builder to work within that budget without compromising the most important items that make up the build and experience.