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Our Proven Process

Proper Planning And Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

step 01

STORY - Establish Clients Objectives

Knowing the story behind your build or renovation is very important.

What is your vision or motivation? How do you currently live? Who will be impacted? Why is this important to you? How far along have you gotten in your process thus far? These are just a few questions we will explore in order find a perfect builder and fit.

step 02

DEFINE - Develop High Level Scope And Budget Expectations

Defining what you really want and understanding a budget can be very difficult. It is perfectly normal for you not to understand the value to put towards your project.

In this stage we will work together to get a high level understanding on what you THINK you want for the project and define the right components to make it happen (Designer, Architect, GC etc).  We will then discuss ballpark numbers that you will need to consider and be comfortable with, before you move on to the next stage.

step 03

SOURCE - Sourcing Reputable Contractors | Designers | Architects (Build Team)

Starting the process of finding a Build Team can be very confusing and time-consuming.  Where do you look? Who do you ask? Who can you trust?

In this stage, I will be doing extensive research on your behalf of numerous reputable and trustworthy contractors in your area. I deep dive into their platforms and hand select those companies that appear to be consistent with your values and expectations.

I will then perform a screening interview to ensure and qualify their experience before selecting the Top three (3)

step 04

INTERVIEW -Facilitate And Interview The Build Team With Very Specific, Pointed, Value Based Questions

It is very important in the interview phase that questions are behavioral and situational based. With many years of experience in the industry, I have been on the other side of the table and believe probing type questions are the most effective style of questions.  “What process do you have in place if….. Or tell me about a time when you underestimated a job….” I will want to assess that the builders, contractors, designers or architects have used good judgement, mitigated risk and had solid resolution and communication protocols in place.

Here we also evaluate respect, tone, body language and tolerance for race and gender.

step 05

DESIGN - Choose An Architect And Designer. Design Review Of Exterior And Interior For Implementation & Scoping Budget

After the interviews have taken place the first step in choosing the team is to decide on the Designer/Architect you would like to work with.  This is crucial as all accurate pricing will be derived from the plans. The contractor and his/her trades will want to understand in detail what their scope entails and what their deliverables are to be.

This is also where you will make an investment before signing the building contract.  Most designers will provide a schedule of fees and a detailed list of items performed. You will not be required to pay a full lump sum at this point but will need to budget for anywhere between $5000 to $15000+ for a working set of drawings and selections.

step 06

RANK - Short List One Build Team (Architect | Designer | Builder) From Interview Process<br />

After the interview process is complete. We will sit down and discuss the pros and cons of each contractor and score each question answered. Once complete, you will rank the Build Team from 1st choice to 3rd.

step 07

BALLPARK - Collect And Analyze High Level, Apples-To-Apples Pricing Form

In this section, we will engage your top two choices for the Build Team and ask them to provide an estimate based on substantially completed plans that you, the designer and/or architect agreed on.

NOTE: This is only an estimate and not a final number. Once the ballpark price comes back, you will be asked to choose one building contractor. The contractor may also flag construction issues at this point with the design team

step 08

SELECT - Select One Build Team

You have completed steps 1-7 and now you are ready to select your Build Team.

step 09

BUDGET PRICE - Collect Accurate Pricing As Per Final Designs

(There may be a charge at this stage to put together a thorough pricing package and detailed scope)

Your chosen team will have been introduced and all plans will be discussed with you and the team. This is where changes and project cost will be finalized.

*** For a renovation, we encourage a trades day where the contractor brings his/her team out to evaluate the site according to the plans and site conditions.

step 10

EVALUATE - Analysis Of Full Build Package For Construction Hand-Off And Client Sign-Off

I will do one last evaluation to ensure all items are in order and that your team is working cohesively and within a defined plan and scope.

step 11

CONSTRUCTION - Owner’s Rep Departs

You did it! You have successfully completed one of the hardest stages of a build or renovation. You took your time and completed your due-diligence. The front end planning and hiring of a solid team is what will allow for a seamless and successful completion of your dream space. Enjoy the journey and the final chapters to your story.